Teen Programs

Teen Pathways to Brighter Future

Teen Pathways to Brighter Futures at the Nabe features multidimensional programming geared toward preparing our teens for education after high school, the workforce, and beyond. Our programs provide opportunities for our teens to learn and grow into community-minded mentors and leaders. Workshops offered to our teens teach and reinforce skills needed to succeed as emerging young professionals.

One of the most unique features about the Morristown Neighborhood House is the interaction of children, youth, and teens every day. Our youngest children look to our teens as role models with whom they have shared experiences. Our children look to the Nabe as a “home away from home,” and many of our teens have spent most of their youth at the Neighborhood House. Because of this, they understand the realities of growing up in the Morristown community, and pass their wisdom and knowledge onto our younger children through leadership.

Morristown Neighborhood House also addresses many of the issues faced by our teens. Most of the children at Morristown Neighborhood House come from families where parents/guardians work multiple jobs to sustain their incomes. Because of this, many teens are called to work and contribute to their family income as soon as they are of working age. In dire situations and because of social pressures accompanying being of lower income status, the graduation rate among Hispanic students and Black/African-American students remains lower than their white counterparts.

In 2015, only 77.8% of Hispanic students and 74.6% of Black students graduated high school nationwide.

In Morris County that same year, only 456 Hispanic/Latino students and 281 Black students graduated from a college or university.

Morristown Neighborhood House works to achieve balance between work and academic responsibilities as our teens strive for success beyond high school.

Because of their close connections to the community, Morristown Neighborhood House partners with businesses to connect our teens to internship and job opportunities to provide them with invaluable experiences that prepare them for the professional world. In turn, our teens are confident, prepared, and willing for college life and the workforce. College Prep at the Nabe allows our students to receive assistance throughout the college admissions process, including ACT and SAT prep classes to improve scores.

From interview and resume-building skills to presentations and discussions led by members of the professional community, our teens are engaged and encourage to foster skills that allow them to lead by example.