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Teen Programs

Teen Tutors and Mentors

The Teen Tutoring and Mentoring Program at the Neighborhood House gives high school students an opportunity to connect with younger students in the community. Our teens help our younger students with homework assignments and other learning tasks, are given opportunities to lead mini-workshops, and are introduced to mentors from the community who guide our teens on their paths to success.

Mentoring at the Neighborhood House has become an important facet of the program. A mentor who helps, and more importantly, cares about our teens can serve as a role model and confidant as our teens try to balance growing responsibilities and “growing up” in our community. We connect our Teen Tutors and Mentors with professionals in the community who teach them valuable life lessons to help them navigate in the workforce.

In addition to workshops and speaking opportunities, we work alongside many of these companies to help our teens find jobs and internships. Building professional networks while in high school segues our teens to greater preparedness and instills confidence in our teens as they use lessons learned in interview skills and resume building and apply them to real-world experiences.

College Prep @ The Nabe

College prep classes, especially those for the ACT and SAT exams, can be extremely expensive. As colleges and universities grow more competitive each year, standardized testing skills and practices are becoming more important when applying for collegiate study. College Prep @ The Nabe helps students with the college admissions process, from tests and essays to college fairs, and everything in-between.

For many of our community’s teens, financial concerns can discourage students from seeking college-level education. The rising cost of college, combined with the needs of families who rely on their teens of working age to contribute to household income, can delay or deter students from pursuing college. Additionally, the unique pressures associated with becoming a first-time college student, including (examples), place another burden on students seeking education.

The Nabe’s College Prep program guides students through the college admissions process. From attending college fairs to assisting with college essays and the dreaded ACT and SAT exams, College Prep at the Nabe provides a step-by-step, supervised guide to success while addressing many of the unique concerns faced by our college-bound students.

In the 2016-2017 school year, 100% of College Prep participants improved their SAT and/or ACT scores.

In the 2016-2017 school year, 100% of College Prep participants were accepted to a two or four-year college or university.


The NabeTeens@Work program elevates the summer job experience. At the Nabe, we believe that it’s never too early to learn about real-world responsibilities and experiences. Our NabeTeens@Work program does just that.

As summer camp counselors with a special opportunity to attend professional workshops, the NabeTeens@Work program has grown into a comprehensive experience that prepares our teens for the professional world. Professionals from local corporation branches and companies visit our teens to provide insights and tips in areas such as:

  • Resume building
  • Interview skills
  • Money management
  • Creating and maintaining a budget
  • Professional etiquette
    …and more!

Our NabeTeens@Work program has improved the confidence of our teens and has produced real results as we help them move toward their goals of success in the workforce and in education.

In 2017, NabeTeens@Work collaborated with the parents and guardians of each participant to provide their insights about their teens and what they hope to learn from the program. Incorporating family input provided another support system to the NabeTeens@Work. They reported that their teens demonstrated increased sense of responsibility, confidence, and maturity.