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Get On Track With STEM

A national conversation, the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields indicate large representational disparities that affect young people from elementary school through college, post-graduate studies, and in careers. As the STEM career field expands, with a projected growth of 17% between 2021-2024, it is essential to spark the interest of STEM in our children at every level. Gender and ethnic-based underrepresentation in competitive STEM class environments appear at the elementary school level. Studies of collegiate enrollment and graduation rates in women in the STEM fields and ethnic minorities report:

  • Only 0.4% of high school girls choose Computer Science as a college major
  • 11% of men and women of ethnic minorities graduate with a degree in engineering

Morristown Neighborhood House has taken initiative to integrate stem into everything we do. Each classroom at the Nabe is equipped with a STEM Lab Center, an explorative space featuring equipment to accompany our new STEM curriculum.

All of our Nabe teachers are well-versed in our STEM curriculum and engage our students in experiential learning that makes STEM tangible, memorable, and, most of all, FUN!

The Neighborhood House has also been selected as one of ten organizations in the nation to participate in Latina SciGirls®, an empowering program for our girls to learn about women’s roles in the sciences. Latina SciGirls® is an educational initiative founded by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) and funded by the National Science Foundation, which addresses specific barriers that prevent many Hispanic girls from participating in science, technology, engineering, and math studies, activities, and career paths.

Additionally, David Haggerty was honored for the Nabe’s exemplary and empowering STEM program at event From preschoolers to college-bound teens who look at STEM as a possible career path, the Nabe’s Get on Track with STEM initiative allows our students to view the world from a new angle