Children Programs

Eat Right, Get Fit

Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a happy, healthy, and productive life. The Eat Right, Get Fit Initiative helps our children and families gain access to healthy meals, fresh foods, and tips for building better eating habits at home.

Currently, the Neighborhood House Kitchen, under the leadership and tenacity of Chef CJ, serves 500 meals a day to provide every student with a nutritious meal. With an understanding of cultural traditions, community needs, and the nutritional desires of children at the Nabe, Chef CJ works closely with other staff members to ensure that the Neighborhood House Kitchen nourishes every child with care and love.

The Eat Right, Get Fit Initiative encourages healthy eating and active lifestyles while addressing food insecurity and early sedentary lifestyle habits in children. “Child food-insecurity rates are considerably higher than food-insecurity rates in the general population” (Source). Of New Jersey’s child population, 14.9% are food-insecure (source). Food insecurity results from uncertainty of having or being able to acquire enough good to meet the needs of each member of a household (source). At times, coping strategies are used to ensure food is consumed, such as eating less varied diets, participating in federal food assistance programs, or getting emergency food from community food pantries (source).

We understand that many of our families face these obstacles each day. The Nabe gets our children active and starts with healthy recipes for success.

Fitness and Fun at the Nabe

Fostering healthy habits is essential to the growth of our Neighborhood House children. The 2017 Physical Activity Council Report identified lower income households have had the highest inactivity rates in the past five years. 37.4% of households with incomes up to $49,999 reported no physical activity in 2016. Morristown Neighborhood House aims to bridge the gap that makes exercise and fitness expensive and time-consuming for children of working families.

Recreational activity, including sports-based activities and programs, strongly encourage our students to get active and fit. Our myriad of physical activity options, from boxing and basketball, to karate and our FitBit Challenge, introduced with help of grant funding, introduce varying levels of physical activity to give a chance to every Nabe kid to grow stronger each day.