Cornerstone helps youth reach their full potential, build resiliency and successfully transition into adulthood. Young people face tremendous challenges on that scary road to adulthood, so we have programs to discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol, build self-esteem, provide jobs, support education, and encourage sports and recreation.

After School Program for kindergarten -  8th grade 
After School program provides a structured environment that is academically, socially and culturally enriching for children before and after school. The program includes homework assistance, tutoring, and enrichment activities and operates in five locations in Morristown and Dover.  The SMART ( Science, Math, Arts, Reading, and Technology) curriculum is specially designed to keep children interested and competitive in the classroom.
Summer Camp   
For nine weeks each summer, SACC offers a Summer Camp program full of structured, supervised activities and field trips that enhance self-esteem and promote self-sufficiency. The academic component of the program helps children become more prepared to learn when school resumes in the fall. Summer Camp operates in Morristown with themes like “Passport 2 Fun” and “Smart Kids”.

Arts Programs for Children and Youth
The Performing Arts Program helps provide children with cultural enrichment and an outlet for creative expression. The Dance Program includes, modern, tap, jazz, step (drill) and Latin dancing. Other arts programs include visual arts, music and theatre. Violin and guitar classes are also offered throughout the year. Our classes teach commitment and hard work, two skills that the children will carry throughout their lives.
Recreation Programs for Children and Youth
Children are physically active and engaged in the community through basketball and soccer leagues, boxing, sports clinics, and other recreational programs.   
Smart, Talented, Athletic, Responsible Students (STARS) for Middle School Students
STARS is an after school program from 2:20 to 6 pm offered at Frelinghuysen Middle School during the school year and at Neighborhood House during summer. Working alongside the school, the STARS curriculum reinforces academic performance and enrichment. Students develop new skills and talents, improve existing abilities, have fun, and prepare themselves for a successful and productive future. STARS students participate in beneficial activities that keep them engaged, learning, and safe, while developing their potential.  These include college prep classes, cultural field trips to museums and science centers, and critical discussion groups such as Rites of Passage. Working with local college mentors, youth learn decision-making and critical thinking skills to combat peer pressure, and to make better choices. As part of the program, students can choose to participate in academic, cultural, recreational, technological, fine arts and performing arts clubs. 
Now You Know
Do you know a teen that may be at risk for substance abuse?  Would you like to educate your child on the dangers of underage drinking, prescription and other drug abuse before they enter high school or go off to college? If so, refer them to Now You Know, our free substance abuse prevention and education program for Morris County teens age 13-18.Our goal is to prevent substance abuse before there is a major problem.