Children’s Best Start Programs

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Cornerstone’s Early Childhood Programs give children the best start in life. We strengthen the safety net in our Morris County preschools through effective parenting, teacher mentorship and mental health supports, all designed to improve young children’s social and emotional development and realize their full potential.
Parents as Teachers (PAT)
PAT helps young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn.  From conception through age 2, parents receive home visits, education on how to be a great parent and family support and connections to important community resources.  PAT is free to all residents of Warren County.
Early Childhood Resiliency Programs
Cornerstone’s Early Childhood Resiliency Program helps children at Morris County state-funded preschools grow and learn in a warm and loving environment and get ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.  Mental health professionals and early childhood educators work together as a team to offer education and teacher mentorship in the classroom and parent engagement and skill development in the home.